The methodology or techniques part explains everything you did and just how you achieved it, permitting visitors to gauge the dependability and legitimacy regarding the research.

In your thesis or dissertation, you are going to need to talk about the techniques you I did so your quest. It will add:

  • The sort of research you did
  • The way you collected and/or selected your computer data
  • The way you analyzed your data
  • Any tools or materials you found in the investigation
  • Your rationale for selecting these procedures

The methodology area should generally be written in the last tense.

Action 1: Explain your methodological approach

Start with launching your approach that is overall to research. What research question or problem did you investigate, and what type of information did you want to respond to it?

  • Quantitative practices ( ag e.g. studies) would be best for measuring, ranking, categorizing, distinguishing patterns and generalizations that are making
  • Qualitative techniques ( ag e.g.